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WC Results/Combined Ratio

Indicates insurance company’s health

If above 100:

The combined ratio is the sum of the combined loss ratio, expense ratio and dividend ratio for a given time period. The formula is [(Loss + Loss Adjustment Expense)/Earned Premium] + [Underwriting Expenses/Written Premium] + [Dividends to Policyholders/Earned Premium].

Countrywide P/C Combined Ratios
Net Combined Ratios by Line – Private Carriers

p = Preliminary
Source: NCCI AIS State of the Line, May 2014, p. 4

WC Calendar vs. Accident Years
Countrywide—Private Carriers

p = Preliminary; Includes dividends to policyholders
CY by definition, not developed;  AY by definition is developed to ultimate as of 12/31/13
Source: NCCI  AIS State of the Line, May 2014, p. 24

WC Combined Ratio – Accident Year

Combined Ratio Accident Year graph

Accident Year valued as 12/31/2013; developed to ultimate; includes dividends
NCCI AIS May 2014, p 24; Indiana 2013 not yet available

WC Calendar-Accident Year 2012 Combined Ratios

Combined Ratio Accident Year graph

Source: NCCI Financial Call data used in Calendar-Accident Year Underwriting Results, evaluated as of 12/31/12; 38 states; NCCI website as of 12/04/13

WC Combined Ratio -Calendar Year

WC Combined Ratio -Calendar Year

All states where private carriers write; 1990–2012, Annual Statement Data; 2013p, NCCI
NCCI, AIS, May 2014, p. 13; Indiana: IEE and Statutory Page 14 -DIRECT Basis

WC Return on Net Worth

WC Return on Net Worth

Source: NAIC Profitability by Line by State in 2012 Report, p. 129-130, Jan 2014