Classification Code Rates & Look-up

Class Code rate and look-up information

Classification code advisory rates:

ICRB makes an annual rate filing to the Indiana Department of Insurance based on aggregated loss data. The rate filing is for advisory rates by class code. Once approved, insurance carriers can adopt the approved advisory loss costs, or they can make their own rate filing with the Department of Insurance. If a carrier files its own rates it can use the “loss cost” rates and add in a factor for its own expenses, usually called the “loss cost multiplier”. The ICRB rate filings are located on our website for informational purposes.

To obtain a copy of an individual carrier’s filing, you will need to contact the Indiana Department of Insurance.

NOTE: For the Assigned Risk market, we file loss cost rates, not “advisory”. This means that the carrier must use the filed and approved rates on Assigned Risk policies. They cannot use their own rates.​

Class Code Search:

To search for a class code or rate, you may access NCCI’s website via​ and navigate to the “Lookup a Class Code or Rate” selection on its home page. To utilize this tool, you will need a log-in and password, but it is free of charge. You may search by class code number and by keywords.

A listing of NCCI and Indiana specific class codes will display in both numeric and alpha formats. If you have a paid subscription to the NCCI’s Manual library, you can obtain more detail regarding the class code in the Basic and Scopes Manuals. Note: The Basic Manual is the only manual regarding class codes that is filed and approved in the State of Indiana; the Scopes Manual is a mere supplement.

Recent Class Code Changes

NCCI has made numerous updates to workers compensation classification codes in recent years. For information about updates, a summary list of national item filings, and the industries that were affected, please refer to the NCCI manual Classification Codes and Statistical Codes For Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance, or the ICRB CompClues document titled “Filings List.”

Classification Codes and Statistical Codes Manual is a historical record of classification and statistical codes. The online manual provides the code number and corresponding phraseology (filed code description) for each classification and statistical code, including state special codes and independent bureau codes. Use the manual to find out if a code is a state special, a federal classification, a statistical code, or has been discontinued. Most entries indicate the date a code became effective or was discontinued. You can also find out if a discontinued code has been reassigned or retained as a state special. In addition, the manual indicates the schedule (or general industry division) and group numbers.