Extra-Territorial Guidelines

Suggestions on where to assign payroll for multi-state exposures.

Extra-Territorial Guidelines that used to be in the discontinued Premium Audit Reference Book are now in the SCOPES Manual under Codes 5403, 7228 & 8742. Carriers may establish their own company guidelines on this matter. The guidelines cover three categories: contractors, travelers, and truckers. Here’s a summary of each:


WorkState Rate
Cross state lines, usually return home nightly
*Some State Exceptions Exist
Exec supervisor visits sitesHQ
Permanent staff outside HQ state for a jobHighest rated
Specific jobState of job


HQ state & Traveler’s residence state are:State Rate
Same, travel conducted from HQHQ
Different, travel conducted from HQHQ
Different, travel conducted from homeResidence


Payroll assigned to state of:
1. Base terminal
2. Majority driving time
3. Residence