Indiana Death Benefits

According to Indiana Code 22-3-3-18 when an employee dies from injuries arising out of and in the course of employment, the employee’s dependents are eligible for death benefits. Indiana Code 22-3-3-21 adds additional benefits for funeral expenses up to $10,000.

Benefit Amounts

The following wording from IC-22-3-3-17 provides details of the benefit amounts: “When death results from an injury within five hundred (500) weeks, there shall be paid the total dependents of the deceased as determined by sections 18,19, and 20 of this chapter, weekly compensation amounting to sixty-six and two thirds percent¬† ¬† ¬†(66 2/3%) of the deceased’s average weekly wage, as defined by IC 22-3-3-22, until the compensation paid, when added to the compensation paid to the deceased employee, equals five hundred (500) weeks, and to partial dependents, as provided in sections 18 and 20 of this chapter.”
For further information on the definition of dependents and the length of benefits refer to IC-22-3-3-18 and IC-22-3-3-19. .