INSafe Assessment

Description of the Indiana In Safe Assessment

INSafe, a division of the Indiana Department of Labor, works with Indiana’s employers, employees, labor unions, professional groups, trade organizations and others to ensure workplace health and safety.

Free INSafe services include on-site consultation, group training and seminars, educational publications and training materials, along with pro-active voluntary health and safety programs designed to bring employers and employees together to create and maintain healthy working environments.

Assessments were previously levied in 2003, 2009, 2013, 2018, and 2022.  There were no assessments for 2014 – 2017. An assessment is planned for Spring 2024.

A statutory tax is levied against carriers once the fund for safety and health consultation is less than $600,000.

The tax equals 0.75% of benefits paid, excluding medical payments, in the preceding calendar year.  It applies to both workers compensation carriers and self-insured employers. 

Per statute, the tax is considered an “element of loss” and therefore the expense are contemplated in the ICRB annual advisory rates and loss cost filing.