Interstate Rating

List of states (11) not part of the interstate rating program, and rules on intra to inter.

List of States

All states except eleven participate in Interstate Experience Rating. The exceptions are:

Monopolistic States

Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, Wyoming

Other States

California, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

From Intra to Inter

A risk with a single state operation and has an intrastate mod. If the risk expands into other states and is now a multistate employer then the intrastate mod applies to all states where the program is applicable.  Two years later  it will qualify for an interstate mod in any jurisdiction where that applies. For states not participating in the interstate program, neither an Indiana intrastate mod nor an interstate mod would apply to premium generated in those states.

The Experience Rating Plan Manual, Rule 2.A.5.a.(2), reads: “In cases where experience developed in one or more additional states is not yet included in the experience period, the intrastate experience modification shall apply.” Also see the Interstate Rating administrative procedures, Rule VI.