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Bullet items to inform new members about Indiana workers compensation.

Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau

The Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau (ICRB) is a private non-profit, unincorporated association of all insurance companies licensed to write workers compensation insurance in Indiana. The ICRB is a statutory rating organization as set forth in Chapter 27-7-2 of the Indiana Insurance Laws.

The law empowers the ICRB to gather information from its Member Companies that may be necessary to establish fair and adequate advisory rates. This information is submitted to the Indiana Department of Insurance for review and then distributed to all Member Companies who use the rates or file their own rates.

In addition to the data collection and ratemaking functions, the ICRB is responsible for these specific workers compensation programs: rules promulgation, experience rating, inspection and classification, assigned risk administration, industry education, and dispute resolution.

General Information

  • Membership in ICRB is mandatory for all licensed carriers (IC 27-7-2-3).
  • Your license with the Indiana DOI automatically makes you an ICRB member. No separate registration with us is required.
  • ICRB files manuals, rules, policy forms, and advisory rates with the Indiana DOI  and these are ready for use by all members.
  • ICRB  requires copies of carrier rate filings but does not need copies of forms.
  • Indiana is not an NCCI state but the ICRB does contract with NCCI as a vendor to collect and validate Indiana data, promulgate experience ratings, and assist with the annual advisory rate filing.
  • ICRB uses NCCI manuals, rules, and policy forms (see note below).
  • Indiana is a competitive rating state, therefore, the ICRB files advisory rates and loss cost rates.
  • Carriers may choose to use the advisory rates, or file their own rates and values with the Indiana Department of Insurance.
  • Indiana has its own schedule rating table that all member carriers are required to use.
  • WC Board of Indiana subscribes to the NCCI Proof of Coverage System,  carriers do not need to send coverage notices to the Board.
  • Indiana adopted a workers compensation medical fee schedule effective July 1, 2019. It is set at 200% of Medicare fees and only applies to hospital services at this time. For other services, a billing review service must adhere to IC § 22-3-3-5.2.
  • ICRB bills all members based on their pro-rated portion of premium writings in the state.
  • Effective 1/1/2005, Indiana operates the Indiana Assigned Risk Reinsurance Pool for employers who cannot find coverage in the regular market. Prior to 2005, Indiana participated in the National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool (NWCRP).
  • ICRB staff process all Indiana rate filings, assigned risk applications, experience ratings, and inspections.
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Policy Forms

The ICRB (Indiana) uses the standard forms as provided in the NCCI Forms Manual of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance. This manual contains all state special endorsements.  Indiana has three state endorsements:

  • Indiana Benefits Deductible Endorsement (WC 13 06 04)
  • Indiana Coinsurance and Deductible Endorsement (WC 13 06 02)
  • Indiana Coinsurance Endorsement (WC 13 06 03)

The ICRB files fixed rules on behalf of all members and no deviated rule filings are permitted.

Data Collection

The ICRB collects data from its members to carry out its ratemaking and experience rating functions.  We also use this data to conduct research on workplace safety.  The ICRB contracts with the NCCI to collect and validate Indiana data. The data can be summarized into these categories:

  • policy and endorsement data (proof of coverage)
  • statistical plan data
  • financial data
  • claim information data