Payroll Limitations for Owners and Executive Officers

Total payroll is the most equitable measure of distributing the cost of job related injuries among similar employers.

Payroll Limitations for Owners and Executive Officers

For calculating premium, our rules place an advisory minimum and maximum payroll for executive officers, and beginning for 2012, also for sole proprietors, partners, and limited liability company (LLC) members. 

The limitations apply to the average weekly payroll. The amounts appear in the Basic Manual rate pages, Miscellaneous Values page. Below is a chart showing the amounts for recent years.

Sole Proprietor, Partner, LLC memberexcluded, can opt inFixed (prior to 2012)min/max same as officermin/max same as officermin/max same as officer​​​
Executive Officerincluded (corp officer can opt out)Min Annual$44,200$46,800$49,400
Max Annual2022
2023 $223,6002024
Min Week2022
Max Week2022
2023 $4,300​2024 $4,500​