Proof of Coverage

Proof of coverage program utilized by the Workers Compensation Board.

The ICRB contracts with NCCI as a vendor to provide Proof of Coverage (POC) services. This service includes workers compensation coverage information​ for Indiana employers to the Workers Compensation Board. The service provides key coverage information, including:

  • Policy number
  • Policy effective date
  • Name of insurance provider
  • Federal employer identification number (FEIN)
  • Notices of cancellation and reinstatement

Part of the mission of the workers compensation system is to ensure that all eligible employees are covered by a workers compensation policy. The Workers Compensation Board is charged with the responsibility of enforcing Indiana’s workers compensation laws to ensure that this mission is accomplished. To enforce the workers compensation law, the Workers Compensation Board requires that insurance providers or employers report coverage information whenever a workers compensation policy is initiated, changed, or terminated in Indiana. The need for coverage information requires the Workers Compensation Board to establish processes for the collection, entry, and storage of the information received from insurance providers.

To assist the Workers Compensation Board in this process the ICRB has contracted with NCCI as vendor to use their Workers Compensation Coverage Verification Service (WCCV).

This service allows the Workers Compensation Board to be notified via email if a cancellation or a reinstatement transaction is received.

Carrier Reporting Compliance Requirements

  • Policies— Due immediately after the policy effective date. Renewals due within 10 days after expiration of prior policy.
  • Cancellation & Nonrenewal— Due 10 days prior to the cancellation effective date.
  • Reinstatements— Due within 10 days after the reinstatement effective date.
  • FEIN— Required
  • Fines— No fines are assessed for late reporting or missing data.

The rules and requirements for reporting policy data are contained in the NCCI Workers Compensation Policy Data Reporting Manual.  Additionally  the Indiana statue requires:

  • notice of coverage within 10 days after the effective date of the policy [IC 22-3-5-2]
  • notice of cancellation given 10 days in advance of the cancellation date [IC 22-3-5-5 (c) (5)]

Here are the relevant statutes:
IC 22-3-5-2. Filing of proofs of insurance required – Fees. An employer required to carry insurance under IC 22-3-2-5 and section 1 of this chapter shall file with the worker’s compensation board, in the form prescribed by it, within ten (10) days after the termination of the employer’s insurance by expiration or cancellation, evidence of the employer’s compliance with section 1…

IC 22-3-5-5 (c) (5) “Any termination of this policy by cancellation shall not be effective as to employees of the insured covered hereby unless at least ten (10) days prior to the taking effect of such cancellation, a written notice giving the date upon which such termination is to become effective has been received by the worker’s compensation board of Indiana at its office in Indianapolis, Indiana.”

Indiana Certificate of Compliance

Upon request in writing, the Workers Compensation Board of Indiana will issue a Certificate of Compliance, State Form 41321 (R2 6-95).

Policy Data Confidential

Effective July 1, 2013, House Enrolled Act 1320, Section 20 of the bill adds Indiana Code § 27-7-2-40 to treat ICRB policy data as confidential.