Work Release Programs

Inmate/offender eligibility for Workers Compensation

Inmates may or may not be entitled to workers compensation insurance, depending on who they are working for at the time of injury. Rules that speak to inmate/offender employment are vague enough, that they are subject to interpretation and would vary on a case-by-case basis.

Indiana statute provides that an offender (inmate) is not an employee of the “department” 

IC 11-10-8-8; Status of offender while going to or from employment
Sec. 8. An offender employed under this chapter by an employer other than the department is not an agent, employee, or involuntary servant of the department while working or going to or from the employment.

Prison Industry Programs

  • ​Prison Enterprises Network (PEN) More than 2,000 inmates are employed in various enterprises within Prison Enterprises Network (PEN Products). Industries include: remanufacture automotive parts; food processing including frozen meat /poultry products and dairy products; metal furniture and shelving; institutional clothing; janitorial and laundry products; computer aided drafting (CAD); data conversion-GIS; printing; engraving; signage; park furniture; office and wood furniture; commercial laundry services; data entry; coil assembly; and electronic component assembly.
  • Prison Industries Enterprises (PIE) Indiana also participates in the Prison Industries Enterprises (PIE) federal program. Offenders in this program are paid the prevailing wage for the job, but are also responsible for paying room and board to the state, federal and state taxes, victim’s restitution, and family/child support.


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