Servicing Carrier: Audit Standards

Explanation of the on-site servcing carrier audit process.

Audit Objectives

The on‐site servicing carrier audit process is designed to assess the effectiveness of a company’s controls and procedures for carrying out its servicing carrier responsibilities and to ensure compliance with:

  • Applicable NCCI and/or state‐specific Servicing Carrier Performance Standards
  • NCCI’s Assigned Carrier Performance Standards
  • NCCI’s Statistical Plan—2008 Edition
  • NCCI’s Servicing Carrier Reference Guide
  • Service enhancements committed to by the servicing carrier as part of the servicing carrier bid or solicitation
  • process, if applicable
  • Applicable statutes, regulations, and rules
  • Reasonable business practices as determined by NCCI and the Pool
  • Data reporting requirements and effectiveness of the carrier’s system(s) used to report data and/or information to
  • the Pool
  • Recommendations from prior on‐site servicing carrier audits performed by NCCI’s Carrier Audit Services
Employer-requested audits90 days6-A-1-b
Completion of PPA   •   90 days (policy effective date or receipt)•   75 days (endorsement)