Servicing Carrier: Standards

Summary of servicing carrier standards in effect for Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Insurance had approved the use of NCCI’s Assigned Carrier Performance Standards. A general explanation of these standards can be found in ​Performance Standards 1-A-1 below:

a. NCCI’s Assigned Carrier Performance Standards (ACPS or Performance Standards or PS) provides the minimum level of performance for assigned carriers writing coverage on behalf of the Workers Compensation Insurance Plan (WCIP or Plan). The purpose of the ACPSis to provide policy issuance and service-level requirements that assigned carriers must comply with to provide residual market policyholders with effective and consistent service levels.

b. These Performance Standards are the minimum requirements. However, assigned carriers are not precluded from providing enhanced levels of service.

c.  It is not the purpose of these Performance Standards to duplicate information contained in other NCCI manuals. They are to be used in conjunction with the NCCI manuals.

References to “NCCI” in the Assigned Carrier Performance Standards and accompanying forms must be interpreted to reference the Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau (ICRB).

Reporting Specifications

All servicing carriers must segregate and report actuarial and financial data in accordance with the Servicing Carrier Reference Guide and in accordance with the Indiana Workers Compensation Assigned Risk Servicing Carrier Reporting Specifications Manual.